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N, 110 Buchanan Street, Bremen, Georgia 30110

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  • ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    Nov, 19, 2018
    Nathan Lovelace
    I went here seeking treatment for a skin infection. I wish I had done my research before going. The "testing" was more like a psychic reading, somehow with his diagnostic machine he was able to communicate with my right brain which knew all the issues I supposedly had. Of course all of my readings were abnormally high, as the harder he pressed the probe on my finger, the higher the reading was. He told me, among other things, that I had something happen with my sister 7 weeks ago that was bothering me which is completely untrue.
    He also said that my will to live was extremely low, and I have a biological age of 59. I also needed chiropractic work, (which conveniently he does)emotional release therapy, 2 IV's at a cost of over 1000 dollars, and several hundred dollars worth of homeopathic treatments. The minimum I could spend for the most 'necessary' treatments was just over $250.
    This type of treatment could be dangerous, especially if you really need REAL treatment. Save your money and go to a real doctor. I wish I had.
  • May, 23, 2018
    Angela Mills
    I've been going here for 15 years. I always trust them to find the root of my problems.
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